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Hygger [ HG962 ]

Hygger Ceramic Bio Filter Media (40 Pieces)

$23.99 $47.99
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  • Bio filter media for salt & fresh water
  • Improve water quality and clarity
  • Porous and high flow rate
  • Remove ammonia and nitrite 
  • Large surface for bettas to grow
  • Do not clog easily and require very low maintenance

Hygger Ceramic Bio Filter Media (40 Pieces)

$23.99 $47.99

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These blue bio media helps to remove ammonia, nitrite and nitrate; they reduce foul smell, various sorts of blemishes and discoloration. And the ceramic filter media provides a surface area to help the bacteria colony grow and thrive.

Products info
Products info

A perfect bio filter media to use for sump tanks, marine and freshwater fish tanks, ponds, canister filter and hang on filter. Valued 36-count, 4.4 lbs that's enough for 45-100 gallons of water.

REUSABLE, rinsing it lightly with aquarium water in every month, with proper care and maintenance, it can be used for 3 years. Change roughly 1/3 every 3-5 months, replace all every year.

Products info

Hygger Ceramic Bio Filter Media (40 Pieces)
Usre Manual
Question:Can you keep it in the tank the entire time or do you need to remove when clean?
Answer:  You will want to change them out about once a year or even longer. If you have 2 lets say in the sump, replace one and then replace the second a month or two later. NEVER take out and clean. You will kill the beneficial bacteria and cause a spike in your tank.
By Amazon Customer on October 4, 2021
Question:Can i put these inside my 38 gallon shrimp aquarium or are they for inside a filter only?
Answer:  We suggest to put it inside filter. Thanks.
By usmagob SELLER on December 2, 2021
Question:Do these float or sink ?
Answer:  Sink.
By usmagob SELLER on June 17, 2021