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14 Types of Beautiful Corals for Beginners

Corals are the indispensable components in a reef tank. There are thousands of species of corals in the world. Some can be kept in a home aquarium while others can not. And some are suitable for beginners while others require more experience to keep.

We know that many aquarists expect to start a reef tank but don’t know what kind of corals to choose from. Thus, we write this article to help beginners find the best coral for their aquariums. Here we list 14 corals for you, hope you can find a suitable one!


1. Zoanthid


Also named “Palythoa”, this kind of coral has a stunning outlook and bright colors. There are multiple types of Zoanthids in marine, and most of them are easy to take care of. It can reproduce quickly. You can get a reef tank with colorful corals in a short time if you put Zoanthids in it. But you should be careful with some species since they will release palytoxins into your tank.


2. Favia Brain

Favia Brain

The growth rate of Favia Brain is slow, but it can be aggressive to other corals by occupying their territories. Thus, prepare a large tank if you want to keep it with other species. To prompt its growth, you should offer it moderate light and feed them once or twice per week.


3. Bird’s Nest

Bird’s Nest

It is a beginner-friendly coral that grows fast in the reef tank. However, it has a very high requirement for light. And different types of bird’s nest corals require different lighting environments. Thus, the light may be the only challenge you will face while keeping this kind of coral.


4. Mushroom


One of the most ideal corals for beginners is the Mushroom coral. It varies in colors, patterns and textures. The reasons that it is perfect for beginners are that they bear a low-lighting environment, they grow fast and they feed themselves via photosynthetic. Although they are easy to take care of, you should also pay attention while keeping them. The more care you give it, the more awesome it will grow.


5. Kenya Tree

Kenya Tree

Keeping Kenya Tree may be more difficult than other corals listed in this article due to its special demand for water. The water in its natural habitat is rich in nutrients. Thereby, you should add more nutrients to your reef tank if you want to successfully keep it. The light and water flow in your tank should be moderate to provide a comfortable environment for it to grow. Reproducing Kenya Tree in a tank can be very easy, you just need to put the dropped branches in the holes on your decorations.


6. Candy Cane

Candy Cane

This coral is more obvious than other corals in a blue light environment. It is among the most suitable corals for beginners because it requires little care and a moderate light level. But there should be distances between Candy Cane coral and other corals regarding it is aggressive to other species.


7. Pulsing Xenia

Pulsing Xenia

Although Pulsing Xenia is a hardy type for beginners, it is sensitive to the water conditions in your tank. Thus, do not take it lightly while keeping. What’s more, you should pay attention to its growth rate. It’s possible that the Pulsing Xenia grows rapidly in your tank and occupies too much space. Apart from these potential problems, it is easy to take care of and will make your tank more absorbing.


8. Green Star Polyps (GSP)

Green Star Polyps

This fast-growing coral is a good addition to a reef tank. It can survive in different tank conditions and requires little maintenance. While swaying in the tank, it will promote the movement of the water to let the debris move out. But it grows much faster than you think and will cover your tank if don’t take measures. To control the amount of Green Star Polyps in your tank, try to keep them in the rocks separately or use some tools to trim them.


9. Toadstool Leather

Toadstool Leather

The Toadstool Leather coral has one stalk and a toadstool-like lid, which is similar to a mushroom. When it grows up, the edges of its head will fold, making it differentiated from other corals. When creating the environment for the Toadstool Leather coral, remember to provide low to moderate light and moderate water flow. To avoid occupying growing space with other corals or fish in the same tank, organize the tank space properly.


10. Brian Coral

Brian Coral

The coral got its name from its special shape, which looks like a brain. It has many colors and patterns, you can choose the one you like best in an aquarium store. Brain coral is also a coral that requires much space to stretch its tentacles. Therefore, don’t forget to keep a distance between it and other corals or decorations.


11. Torch Coral

Torch Coral

Its tolerance to different water conditions makes it a great choice for beginners. An environment with moderate light intensity and water flow is better for Torch coral to grow. As an aggressive species, it will disturb the growth of other plants in the tank if the space is too narrow. Thus, when you arrange the decorations including corals in the tank, take this into consideration.


12. Bubble Coral

Bubble Coral

You should make sure there is enough space in your aquarium if you want to keep Bubble coral in your tank. This coral will stretch its tentacles around, which will disturb other corals nearby or hurt itself when facing obstacles. Like other types of corals, Bubble coral doesn’t have high requirements for light and water flow, thus, it will be easy to keep it in your tank.


13. Elegance Coral

Elegance Coral

With large tolerance to water conditions, Elegance coral is a good choice for beginners with tanks that have been working for one year. Considering its size, you should be cautious while adding it to your tank. If your tank is small or not wide enough, skip this one. Except for its large size, you should also pay attention to its vulnerability to a disease called Elegance Coral Syndrome. It will wither or die if you cannot take measures to cure it. However, it’s difficult for beginners to handle this disease. Thus, it may be the least recommended on the list.


14. Frogspawn Coral

Frogspawn Coral

Adding Frogspawn coral to your tank will bring brightness and charm to your reef tank. It is a coral that does not need much maintenance and is easy to keep. It is bearable to the tank conditions. Thus, you just need to consider the water parameters for the fish you are keeping. The only thing you should notice while keeping Frogspawn coral is that it is an aggressive species. To better take care of them and other plants in your tank, leave enough space for them to grow.



In this article, we talked about 14 types of beautiful corals for beginners in general. There are many other interesting things about these corals. When you pick up some and keep them in your saltwater aquarium, you'll gradually figure out these interesting parts. With these stunning corals, I believe you’ll make your tanks more eye-catching!

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