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8-Gallon Glass Fish Tank with Decorative 3D Rockery Mountain Background

Power filter pump and colorful LED light included.

glass fish tank

Submersible Mini Aquarium Heater

50 W and 100 W available; With digital display, compact and fast heating thermostat, external controller, and built-in thermometer.

fish tank heater

Clip-on Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light

Full spectrum LED lamp with built-in timer and clip-on bracket design, suitable for 12-20 inches long tanks.

aquarium light

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Love Letters

I have several divided tanks and I struggle to get the normal syphon in to clean. HJygger HG-956 gravel cleaner helped so much. My bare bottom tank looks great again. My tanks with sand look amazing. Cleans well and quickly. The bright color makes it easy to find dropped Peace's as well.


Hygger 707 wave maker circulation pump works great. It says for 75-130 gallons aquarium but it’s so good and powerful that we put it in our 450 gallons. You can see the wave at top, you can see the plants swaying and even the bubbles are going side ways because the wave circulates the water so well.

Kimberly Wilson

I noticed my old Hygger heater beginning to fail and my wife ordered AQQA 015 heater. I was worried about the quality but I am thoroughly impressed with this heater! It includes a lot of convenient features such as the hook, the pvc cover, the auto off, the digital controller that sits externally, the temperature memory, etc.


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