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How Often Do You Feed Goldfish

While having goldfish as a pet the most common problem is How Often Do You Feed Goldfish? There’s no big deal it just needs planning with a scheduled routine to keep your goldfish healthy in long term. The average you can feed your pet goldfish is once or twice a day.

So, let us understand what importance we should take care of while feeding our goldfish.


How often do you feed Goldfish?

We know overfeeding leads to serious health problems in Goldfish. They can easily be overfed and die. Goldfish owners often get worried about feeding them.

A simple rule for How Often Do You Feed Goldfish: The average you can feed your pet goldfish is once or twice a day.

In case your fish is at a very young age like one year old then you have to feed goldfish at least two to three times a day.

So, why age is important when feeding goldfish? Are there any other factors too?


What are the factors affecting how often to feed goldfish?

There are several factors that can affect the feeding style. We have to look overview of feeding that will create a pattern and digestive cycle for our goldfish.


1. Depend on their age

Yes, the amount of food and the number of feeding time both depend on the age of the fish. If your fish is below or equal to one year then a healthy pinch of food is enough for them and should feed at least 2-3 times a day. So they won’t be overfed and have full-growth development.


2. Depend on the temperature of the water

The digestive system of goldfish directly depends on the temperature of the water. If the temperature of the water is cold i.e. below 60°F (below 15°C) then we should stop giving food. In this case, we should leave fish feeding as it will not digest and can generate health problems.

The normal state of temp should be between 65°F to 85°F (18° to 30°C), you can reach and keep this temperature with an aquarium heater.


3. Depend on the breeding effects

If we increase the amount of food then the female goldfish will start spawning. We should always clean the uneaten food particles from the fish tank.

But if you want your goldfish to produce eggs then you can increase the intake of more proteins that will increase the chances of egg and milt count.


4. Depend on the crowd of the fish

When it is more goldfish in your tank that means they will pollute the water and also have more competency among themselves for food. That will take more care to monitor that every fish is taking a proper healthy diet.

In that case, we can reduce the amount of food and increase the number of feeding times. This will also reduce the waste inside the tank and easy to monitor to not to be overfed.


What should we feed to our goldfish?

As we all know Goldfish actually belong to the Cyprinidae (carp family) and their behaviors and habitats are far different than the other species.

They can feed on both the plants and animals matter, but it does not mean we should treat them as a wild variety. In order to keep their digestive balanced, we can add some live organisms and other things to their diet plan.

Fish also need some diversity in nutrition similar to humans. We can add surplus things but please make sure whether they can fulfill their demands or not.

Generally, we feed them dry foods which come in cans or packets like Pellets and Flakes. These are health products for our colorful pets but did not fulfill the desired nutrients in their bodies.

  • We should add live food to their bucket lists like bloodworms, daphnia, brine shrimp, and earthworms. Please make sure you don’t go to collect it naturally as they can transmission any kind of disease to them, so prefer to buy it from the nearest stores.
  • If you feel awful to provide live foods then you can go with the frozen foods as they too will provide the same level of nutrients. Frozen foods are basically the frozen or dried form of live food and don’t forget to wash them as they are filled with preservatives in packets.
  • Apart from all you can simply add boiled green vegetables and fruits as they are rich sources of nutrients. Make sure you either boiled them or make them soft and cut them into very small pieces to make easy feeding for them.


How much should you feed a goldfish in a bowl?

One time is sufficient for the goldfish. As the matter of fact, the goldfish can live up to two weeks means nearby 15 days without any food. But do not try to examine it because it is harmful to them.

As we know the goldfish cannot survive for a longer time in a goldfish bowl or small fish tank. Thus we have to follow a proper feeding schedule for them.

Always have the size of the food especially pellets and flakes as the size of their eyes. To examine their diet you can observe the quantity of food they intake in the first 2-5 minutes food is their proper diet. So, that will help you in not over-feeding and also less wastage inside the tank


What are the signs of a hungry goldfish?

There are groups of common activities they show that attract the fish owners to feed.
  • You can examine their behavior they will start removing the substrate or waiting and swimming around the surface area, in reality, they are searching for food.
  • Sometimes, they show quick flex of aggressive behaviors and instantly slow down fast after getting food. You will be amazing as they do so for food.
  • You can also sign of hungry by looking at the increased size or weight of the fish. Their body shows up like bigger fish and with sluggish behavior.



Having the right information helps us to do more care for our colorful water pets. Hope this blog will help you to get more knowledge and cleared all your queries through this article regarding “How Often Do You Feed Goldfish?”

If you have any unanswered questions or want suggestions for the products for your aquarium then please leave your message in the comment section.



1. Should we skip a day for feeding goldfish?

Yes, it is also a necessary part to skip a day of feeding program as earlier said their metabolism to digest food is very slow.


2. Can goldfish live without food for a week?

Yes, they can live up to 15 days, but this is not a good idea. You can use the automatic feeder machine or at least have algae or plants so they can rely on green plants for food.


3. What happens when you overfeed your goldfish?

Overfeeding can lead to common diseases like swim bladder problems, constipation, fin rot, and dropsy.


4. Why do sometimes goldfish eat the seaweed in the fish tank?

Goldfish can eat both plants and animal matter. It's completely normal behavior and please avoid plants that can be toxic for the goldfish.

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