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Why Did My Nerite Snail Die?

Nerite is excellent for combating the excessive algae growth problem. It didn't require too much need and precaution after adding them to the aquarium. Besides the algae eaters, it is the foremost thing that every aquarium holder, either beginner or veteran, wants to keep in their fish tank.

Normally speaking, the lifespan of snails can reach 2-5 years, but nerite snails can't live long usually. Most of the acquirers report that they die within a month, a week, or even within no time just after being removed from the bag or pot to introduce in a freshwater tank.

So why did the nerite snail die so soon? This article will help you find out the reasons.


Why did my nerite snail die?

As discussed in the previous section, they are very much sensitive. According to different reports published or released via their blog or vlog or on social media platforms, these snails die within a shorter period.

In the following, you'll know 4 possible reasons behind the death of a nerite snail.


1. High copper level

Nerite snails are very sensitive. Therefore if there is even a small quantity of copper present in the tank, the ultimate result will be the death of nerite snails.


2. An excessive amount of nitrate and ammonia

The aquarium keeper who grows the aqua plants in the aquarium has to add fertilizer. Nitrogen is an essential macronutrient that is important for proper plant growth. Nitrate and ammonia are the subsequent forms of nitrogen. If there is an extra level of these nutrients, there is more chance of a nerite snail's death.


3. Poor water condition

There are about 200 different species of nerites, and a few of the nerites are freshwater nerites. Other than these few, the others love to live in brackish water. If your aquarium holds the fresh water and you plan to add nerites in the aquarium without acclimatization, then they will not survive for an extended period.


4. Food deficiency

Nerites are natural algae cleaners. If you remove the algae from your aquarium completely, then they will not be able to survive as they will face food deficiency.

As nerite snails are herbivores. They love to eat fresh pieces of vegetables like cucumber. You have to supplement the vegetable food besides the algae for proper growth. Otherwise, they will die very soon.


Higher immortality rate prevention

If you want to keep your nerite snails alive for an extended period, then you have to provide them with a proper environment and food. Here in the following, some crucial things are mentioned that will act as a solution for the problems that nerites face.


1. Test the water

Water is a vital and inevitable feature of every aquarium. Nerites are very much sensitive to copper. Therefore, put a proper check over the water source. Perform a copper test and make sure that the copper present in the water is 0.00 PPM.

Besides, copper also makes it free from soap, bleach, and isopropyl alcohol. Because these chemicals are among the root causes of snail death. Besides the copper, check whether it is free from chlorine. Chlorine-free water will increase the lifespan of snails.


2. Keep a check on the fertilizer

Make sure that the fertilizer is copper-free. Otherwise, it will be destructive for the snails. Other than copper, also add the desired quantity of the fertilizer. Overdosing of fertilizer will cause the rise of nitrate and ammonia in the aquarium tank, which will cause the death of snails. Other than snail death, algae will bloom in your tank.


3. Acclimatize them with water condition

Although the nerites live in brackish water, usually they can survive very well in freshwater. But it is required to acclimate them to the freshwater. For acclimatization, add the freshwater in brackish/salty water to the pot after an hour. For the temperature to acclimatize, place them on the lower side of the aquarium.


4. Provide proper food

As the nerites are algae cleaners, they love to eat the algae. If there are no algae in the tank or you want to control the algae, feed them with algae tabs. You have to put it on the downside of the corner. As these are herbivores, supply them the chops of vegetables like cucumber.


How to tell if my snail is dead or alive

The sleeping patterns are very odd. They take a long sleep that spans up to a week for some snail species. Nerites take rest usually for 13 to 16 hours. After that time, they wake up and keep on eating for 30 hours continuously. Sometimes, when the water environment is not suitable for them, they also hide under rocks, plants, or gravel. These things can mislead any aquarium keeper about their death. Here are a few signs which confirm that the snails are dead or alive.


1. Press the snail

If your snail is not showing any moment, then take out the snail from the water. Push to your nerite snail. It is alive if it shows any reaction; otherwise, your nerite snail is dead.


2. Smell the snail

When a snail dies, it smells rotten, just like the fish. Take out your snail from the water about which you are not sure if it is dead or alive. Bring near it your nose and smell it. If you feel it is rotten, the snail has died. Otherwise, sleeping or in the hibernate stage.


3. Check the snail shell

It is another litmus test, bring out the suspicious snail and check the shell. If the skeleton is empty, or you can remove it from the body of a snail, then it is dead.

The other sign of life is that the snail is motionless but attached to some wall, rock, or shrub because a dead snail can't keep its grip after death.


Types of nerite snails

As you have read in a previous paragraph, about 200 different nerite snail types are present. But here, in the following, you will find the list of freshwater snails. The list includes the following nerite snails.
  • Horned nerite snail
  • Tiger nerite snail
  • Zebra nerite snail
  • Olive nerite snail
  • Red racer nerite snail
  • Gold racer nerite snail



If you have a proper check over your aquarium, you are carefully looking at the water source, whether it is chemical-free, especially copper-free. Then there is a high probability that your nerites will survive for an extended period. They usually live for a maximum of 1-2 years in an aquarium.

Feed them with their favorite food: chopped pieces of fresh vegetables and algae. If you feel that their shell is cramped, please provide the aquarium's calcium tablets. It will strengthen the shell of your nerite snail. Enjoy your natural algae cleaner besides the enhanced esthetic beauty with different beautiful races of nerites.

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