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How to Choose Automatic Fish Feeder for an Aquarium

Having a pet means you have to keep your eyes on it. In case of business trips or vacations, we cannot look over the fish tanks. We change the water and clean the substrate and the filters  before going on vacation.

But what about the food? Is it okay to use an Automatic Fish Feeder? Will it give the exact quantity of food and on time? How to choose an automatic fish feeder for your aquarium? Let's read this article together and find out the answers.


What is an automatic fish feeder and how does it work?

Pet fish are always concerned when we are not at home or on vacation. That is where an automatic fish feeder helps us.

An automatic fish feeder is a mechanical tool operated by a battery that gives food to your fish in exact quantity and at the right scheduled time.

This small tool plays a great role in your absence and can also give food multiple times a day as we set a timer. It is easy to operate and also available at very affordable prices. So, how does it works?

It works on a simple principle. We have to set a timer, for example, if we choose 10:00 am in the morning, then when the time arrives the motor will automatically start and rotate. The food we already filled in the food collector box will release in a fixed amount (we have to set the quantity) and it releases through a window to the output slot, which later falls into the fish tank water.


How to choose automatic fish feeder for your aquarium?

Some feeders show mechanical disturbances that lead to miss feeding, overfeeding, and no feeding. Not all automatic feeders can feed all the species, so the type of feeder depends upon the specie of fish. In order to choose the best, we had to know about the products and their features.


What are the steps to setting up an automatic fish feeder?

In order to set up an automatic fish feeder first, we have to select a location then we move to the setting up the time and foods. Any of the locations is best for the fish feeder machine we have to just make sure that while the food drops the splash or droplets of water will not bounce back to the machine because that will create moisture which later spoils the food or may start smelling.

After getting the proper position, here the installation starts. Different products have different installing steps. “Hygger Automatic Fish Feeder” in our store came up with a screw, after tightening it we can lift the slider then fix the lid and adjust the feeder’s nose.

Lastly, connect the feeder with the plugin wire. Then it is ready to set the timer and the quantity of food to dispense in an automated way. Please make sure to avoid larger food like wafers or flakes, either you can crush them or used 4-10 mm pellets.


Tips while using the automatic fish feeder for aquarium

  1. Not damaging the fish feeder because if the feeder falls then the warranty period will not be considered.
  2. Do not try to make any kind of changes while the machine is running.
  3. Don’t overload the fish feeder with the large size food and always try to read the given instructions on the label or user manual book of machines.
  4. Test the feeder before you leave the house as the timer is working or not, and crosschecked the ventilation feature. Also, check the quantity of the food as fish it won’t be empty till you came and most importantly look for the dispensing window slide is properly working or not.
  5. In case of using a feeder for pond’s fish then please look for protection from rain, strong wind, and also pests like rodents or small wildlife.


How to choose the right food for your aquarium fish?

The type of food depends on the species of your fish whether it’s a plant-eater fish means herbivores or omnivores. The type of food is as follows:
  • Dry food: we can choose the food which can floats in water like pellets, flakes which are having low fiber with vegetable food pieces.
  • Frozen food: It contributes like bloodworms, prawns, mussels, or shrimps. For herbivores, we can use spirulina (Frozen). Some people also use dried nutritious food like tubifex worms.
  • Live food: This includes live worms, crickets, brine, or shrimps.
  • Greens vegetables: This includes cucumber, spinach, zucchini, and lettuce. (*Note: Always use fresh green foods and clean the left food particles from the fish tank over substrates and filter area.)


How do you know if an automatic fish feeder is right for your fish?

Choosing the best fish feeder is very important, it also depends on the species of fish and the type of fish feeder. We have to ask local fish pets or aquarium stores for the review based on the type of fish.

Apart from the benefits, there are some drawbacks too that later created problems in maintaining a suitable environment.

Most of the time some cheap fish feeders don’t have a ventilation system and also don’t prevent themselves from dropping or a splash of water, in both cases food gets moisture that spoils the food and also starts smelling.

If the food dispenser tray or the output slot gets damaged then the unbalanced food drops off each time which leads to overfeeding or no feeding which creates a serious impact directly on their health.

Sometimes the machine itself falls off in water or outside and gets damage that breaks then the return policy or guarantee both not considered which makes a loss to fish owners.



Hope this guide has cleared all your queries regarding “How to Choose Automatic Fish Feeder for an Aquarium?” and provides you with which is best for your aquarium. So now you can easily go to your meetings and vacations, and your automatic feeder will take care of your fish tank in your absence.

If you have any unanswered questions or want suggestions for the products for your aquarium then please leave your message in the comment section.

You can also share if you use an automatic fish feeder so it will help other viewers by getting your reviews.



1. For how many days can the automatic feeder last?

Automatic fish feeders can manage up to 14 days, and also much longer days if there will be the proper amount of food and battery life.


2. What food is best for an automatic feeder?

Dried and small food is mostly preferred for the automatic feeder. We have mentioned the types of food which are given to the fish.


3. How to decide how many times you have to set for feed?

Usually, automatic feeders come up with the feature that you can set 4-8 times a day. You must know how much food will not overfeed your pet fish.

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