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Hygger Quiet and Mini Air Pump for Aquarium of 2022

As you drag your heavy steps home from work, you enter and fall into bed without taking your shoes off.

Your head on the pillow in less than three minutes, you fell asleep, but not long, a buzzing sound to wake you up, you drowsy, eyelids seem to have a thousand pounds, you guess it may be mosquitoes, after all, your city is flooded with mosquitoes this season. You hesitated for a while, but still struggled to open your eyelids, turn on the light, fumbling around for a while to find mosquito incense, after lighting the mosquito incense, you lie back in bed, ready to fall into a sweet dream.

The good news is not long. The buzzing sound is still as wispy, intermittent, so you can not sleep.

As you lie in bed, you listen for a while and feel that the sound is somewhat familiar. This time, you get up very quickly, with little hesitation, you go to the source of the sound - it turns out to be the sound from the air pump of your fish tank.

Finally, you take out the source of all the evil from the fish tank with your bare hands and throw it to the ground in anger. You look at the air pump broken into pieces with satisfaction and walk back to your bedroom, thinking: this time you can finally get a good sleep!

Fish lovers, the above scene is not very familiar to you?

In fact, choose a quiet air pump is very necessary!


What the role of air pump in your aquarium?

The oxygen required for fish survival is obtained by absorbing the dissolved oxygen in the water through the microvessels in the gills of the fish, which is then brought to and carried to the individual parts through the blood circulation system, and the carbon dioxide discharged is also carried out through the microvessels in its gills. The amount of dissolved oxygen in the water directly affects the growth of fish, so to ensure that there is enough dissolved oxygen in the water. In addition to the dissolved oxygen in the water by the water and water changes to obtain, but also can use the water plants in the water photosynthesis to produce oxygen.

Theoretically speaking, each liter of water can keep 1cm of fish, so there is no need to fill the oxygen in normal climate. The size of small fish tank is small, so due to the space limitation, there will not be too many fish, so generally do not have to consider the problem of oxygen content in the tub.

In other words, the oxygen pump is not needed for small aquarium, as long as the fish are not too many, and the filter system can be done well, the water flow can play a certain role in oxygenation. However, if in the weather of low air pressure, such as rainy days, the dissolved oxygen is not enough, you need to fill the oxygen to prevent the fish from suffocating and dying.

The application of oxygen pump is necessary, especially in summer when the weather is hot and muggy, if there is not enough oxygen in the tank, it may cause the fish to suffocate and die. Also when the fish are sick, because of poor breathing, you need to strengthen the oxygen pump to ensure the fish can continue to breathe smoothly.


Why Quiet Aquarium Air Pump is needed?

A quiet air pump is essential for keeping fish happy and healthy. It can be annoying for fish when they are constantly exposed to loud noises. Some pumps are able to run on a battery, which is the most common type of back-up power source. A quieter air pump will also be more efficient. Choosing a quiet aquarium pump will allow you to enjoy the beauty of your aquarium without worrying about noise.

The best air pumps are energy efficient and do not produce unnecessary noise. They can be placed on a wall or above the tank, but it's recommended to place them above the tank so that they do not generate vibrations. Another way to minimize noise is to hang the pump on the wall. If you have a large fish tank, it's better to have a pump that's large enough to pump the air into the whole aquarium.

A quiet aquarium air pump can help reduce noise and is worth every penny spent. Regardless of whether you choose a low-priced or a high-end model, you should know that the noise level will depend on the type of aquarium air pump you have. Most pumps are equipped with valves, which can help you set the perfect air pressure and flow rate for your fish tank. Some models have a complete set of valves already installed, but you may want to buy a second set of valves if your aquarium requires constant use of air.


What is the best aquarium air pump?

The Hygger aquarium mini air pump is driven by a thin piezoelectric ceramic plate. It’s ultra-silent, compact, light weight, has low power consumption, and a long service life. It’s the perfect way to add oxygen to your small fish tank or hydroponic garden.

The mini pump is super compact and light weighted with all needed accessories. It is compact, lightweight and comes with all the accessories needed. It has low power consumption, requiring only 1.5 watts of power per month. But you need to install the air pump above the water level to prevent water back flow, and it can be fixed on the outside of a glass fish tank or fish bowl.

What's more, it is very quiet when it works. You can only hear the sound of water and bubbles. If the small fish tank is placed in the bedroom, it will not disturb the sleeping.

Hygger Mini Air Pump challenge extremely quiet design, the use of magnetic levitation motor silent technology, from the source to solve the problem of noise, coupled with silicone shock absorption, double-layer liner and other multiple noise reduction technology, the official measured noise is less than 30 decibels, so you can quietly enjoy the pleasure of oxygen fish.


What’s the Hygger Mini Air Pump’s principle of operatio? And how about use the air bubble stone together?

If you want to know Hygger Mini Air Pump’s principle of operatio, maybe the fist thing you should know that fish tank oxygen pump is an electromagnet. When the electromagnet coil is energized, the electromagnet generates magnetic force, the iron will be sucked together, driving the bowl movement, but also drive the normally closed contacts off, so that the electromagnet coil is de-energized, the electromagnet will lose the magnetic field, the iron will automatically spring back to its original position under the action of the spring, and at the same time make the normally closed contacts, the coil is energized, the electromagnet generates magnetic force, sucking together the iron, and so on and so forth. So on and so on cycle, constantly drive the bowl movement, complete the suction and exhaust, the exhaust air through the pipe into the fish tank water, play a role in oxygenation.

The role of air bubble stone is to connect to the air pump, to disperse the air into the tank to increase oxygen, and the weight of the air bubble stone can make it sink to the bottom of the water, will not let the air tube float due to air buoyancy. In a fish tank, bubble stone is mostly used with oxygen pump, Hygger high temperature firing bubble stone is frosted surface, tiny pores, uniform and delicate, using nano technology, bubble fine, like "atomization" effect, high density pores, more bubbles more dense, gas and water contact area is wider, so that the amount of dissolved oxygen increased. The oxygen dissolved volume increases. According to the power size of the oxygen pump to adjust the bubble area, the smaller the gas volume, the less bubbles produced. Integrated design is more beautiful, better corrosion resistance, durable and not easy to break.



An air pump aquarium is a great way to add oxygen to your fish tank. It provides a steady flow of bubbles and a wide spread of oxygen. Most air pumps are lightweight and stable, making them perfect for use in medium or small tanks. Choosing the right one will ensure that your fish receive the best possible oxygen supply and enjoy a healthy environment. Read on for more information on air pump aquariums. We've compiled some tips to help you choose the best one for your fish.

First, air pumps improve circulation by increasing the surface area of water. This means more oxygen can enter your fish's tank. This also aids in the release of carbon dioxide and oxygen from the water. In addition, air pumps generate bubbles that increase the surface area of your tank, increasing the oxygen content of the water. This in turn allows more CO2 to be released and more oxygen to be taken in. Finally, an efficient air pump improves circulation in your aquarium by moving highly oxygenated water to the surface.

An air pump is a mechanical device that works with electricity. You can use it with a wall outlet or battery power. The pump will deliver the air to a decoration in your fish tank by using airline tubing. The bubbles will float to the surface of the water and pop. The air pump will also provide oxygen to the aquarium. When a fish gets a cold or a flu, it will be much easier for it to recover.

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