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Hygger [ HG949 ]

Hygger Small Aquarium Air Pump

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  • Energy-saving
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Strong airflow
  • Low consumption
  • Wide application
  • Shockproof soft feet reduce the vibration transmission

Hygger Small Aquarium Air Pump


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Nice Bang for Your Buck

We provide a ready-to-go air pump kit for fish enthusiasts, including HG-949 Air pump, 3.6 ft long air tube, 0.9 inch air stone, check valve and user manual (check valve prevent back siphoning).

Products info
Products info

Strong Airflow and Low Consumption

Our 1-watt small betta air pump is very energy-saving with a max flow rate of up to 50 gallons per hour, capable of operating a small sponge filter and large air stone, creating tons of tiny bubbles, increasing water movement and circulation.

Widely Application

Powerful, lightweight, low noise, along with long service life. For use with air-driven aquarium accessories like air stone, ornaments and small sponge filters. Mini Aquarium Air Pump only measures 3.5 x 2 x 2 inches.

Products info

 Product Parameters

Model Power Voltage Max Output Pressure Cord Length Dimension Application
HG-949 1W AC 110-120 / 60 Hz 50 GPH 0.02 Mpa 3.3ft 3.5x2x2 inch Up to 20 Gal

 Packing List

  • Air Pump x1
  • Air Pipe x1
  • Check Valve x1
  • Air Stone x1
  • User Manual x1
Hygger Small Aquarium Air Pump
Usre Manual
Question:Any place i can see instructions? Do i have to cut the tube?
Answer:  My came like that too. The video and manual makes it seem like the tube was supposed to come in two. I cut my tube in half and it seems to be fine!
By Mamahaz on August 22, 2021
Question:Does this pump come with necessary attachments to hang on the tank?
Answer:  The unit has a keyhole you can use to hang. Nothing else.
By L. Iacono on September 14, 2021
Question:Do I cut the tubing midway in order to install the air valve?
Answer:  Yes you can install between the air stone and the pump.
By bj taormina on February 8, 2021
Question:Does the pump run on 110 volts?
Answer:  Yes, it does. 110V
By usmagob SELLER on April 18, 2021