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Hygger [ HG707-US ]

Hygger Aquarium Submersible Wave Maker Pump

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  • Increases aquarium water movement
  • Keeps water cleam
  • Impressive flow rate
  • 360-Degree rotation
  • Easy to Install

Hygger Aquarium Submersible Wave Maker Pump


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Strong Water Flow

This submersible powerhead simulates a strong currents of the ocean by continuously circulating water. Thus, your fish and other habitants feel as if they are in a real river or ocean. It is strong enough for tanks sized from 75 gallons to 130 gallons.

Products info
Products info

Clean Up Fish Tank and Dissolve Oxygen

In addition to producing water flow, this wavemaker pump can be used to increase the oxygen level of the water. With the strong flow, it can stir up the debris, clean up spot of the fish tank in conjunction with filter, and clean up every corner of the tank.

360-degree Rotation

Turning two ball joints, it rotates a full 360 degrees so you can get full flow direction and create water motion. You can turn sphere joints in any position so you’re able to fine tune the water flow. Besides, you can freely position the pump by the magnet suction cup.

Products info
Products info

Easy to Set Up

1. Clean the glass where you want to place the suction cup.

2. Find a good spot and attach the locking mechanism.

3. Plug in power and you are good to go.

Note: The powerhead should be fully submerged. Otherwise, working pump may come out of water surface and make big noise.

Titanium Impeller

Since the impeller is made of titanium, it is suitable for marine, freshwater, and tropical aquariums. Rubber end ensures less noise, and keeps it quiet while running.

Note: As two impellers stand loosely at the base, after long time using or impact, it will get out of the track and the pump willstop working.

To solve this problem, you can shut the power off, take the pump apart, take out impellers, and put them into the base again.

Products info

 Product Parameters

Model Power Q/Max Voltage Dimensions Cord Length Applicable Aquarium Size
HG-707 16 W 8000 L/P 110-120 V / 60 Hz 5.1" X 2.8" X 9.3" 9.1 Feet (2.8m) 75-130 Gallons

 Packing List

  • Wavemaker Pump with Suction Cup x1
  • User Manual x1
Hygger Aquarium Submersible Wave Maker Pump
Usre Manual
Question:What’s the ideal tank size for this pump?
Answer:  This aquarium circulation pump could be used within 1m tank, it works perfectly in 40cm ~ 80cm fish tank to guarantee good water current movement in your aquarium.
By usmagob SELLER on March 9, 2021
Question:Can I put it in my 55 gallon tank?
Answer:  Yes it will fit but will your fish like that much flow? I have 55 and 125 cichlid tanks and definitely won't put 2000gph in my 55 gallon.
By honest opinion on January 4, 2022
Question:Can the power cord go into the water where it connects to the wavemaker?
Answer:  Of course. That's how it is intended to be ised.
By Customer on January 21, 2022
Question:How can I get suction cup replacement for it since mine started to stop working in about 6 months ago or so?
Answer:  Yes, you can contact us for the replacement suction cups.
By usmagob SELLER on February 2, 2021