AQQA [ AQ016-S-US ]

AQQA Electric Aquarium Double Sponge Filter

  • Mechanical and biological filtration
  • Super quiet and more delicate bubbles
  • More efficient and durable
  • Double ribbing shape sponges design
  • Easy to install and clean
  • High-quality bio sponges, better for increasing oxygen
  • Suitable for shrimps, bettas, tropical fish, planted tanks and others
  • Increase dissolved oxygen and cultivate beneficial bacteria

AQQA Electric Aquarium Double Sponge Filter


Electric Power Filter, No Air Pump Required

This filter is driven by powerful electric motor, air pump is not needed. High-quality motor ensures it an efficient working for a long service life.

If the water outlet is completely immersed in the water when the pump is working, the noise is about 30 dB. If the water outlet is placed higher than the water surface, the noise is about 50 dB.

Products info
Products info

Physical Filtration and Biochemical Filtration

The ribbing design of high-quality biochemical cotton can effectively increase the sponge surface area, which will better absorb feces, debris, and residues in water.

Bio ceramic media balls help to improve the filtering effect by quickly purifying the water quality. Meanwhile, the ceramic media balls are conducive to a stable pH and a beneficial cultivation environment.

Water Outlet Height Adjustable

The water outlet is 360 degrees rotatable with 2 strong suction cups. The retractable outlet pipe enables you to either put the outlet above water surface or under water.

The outlet height range of the small size filter is from 9.4 inches to 13.9 inches.

The outlet height range of the medium size filter is from 11.6 inches to 16.9 inches.

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 Warm Tips for Using the Electric Sponge Filter

1. The filter package comes with 4 sponges. The 2 spare sponges are hidden in the bio ceramic media balls box.

2. Before putting the sponge in the fish tank, please wash the sponge with the water in the fish tank or clean water.

3. It is recommended to clean the sponge every 2-4 weeks.

4. The surface of the ceramic ball is slightly dusty, please rinse it with clean water before use.

5. Ceramic balls can be replaced by other filter material.

6. The motor is waterproof without leakage, but can not run in dry condition. Please make sure it is fully submerged when working.

 Product Parameters

Model Size Power Voltage Sponge Dimension Inner Diameter of Sponge Applicable Tank Size Power Cord Length Retractable Outlet Pipe Length Capacity of Ceramic Pearls Container
AQ-016 (S) S 3 W AC 110 V / 50 Hz 1.97'' D x 4.33'' H 0.51'' 10-40 Gallons 5.6 Feet 6.1'' - 9.25'' 100 ml
AQ-016 (M) M 5 W 2.36'' D x 5.12'' H 0.62'' 15-55 Gallons 200 ml

 Packing List

  • Double Sponge Filter with Media Container x1
  • A Bag of Ceramic Media Balls x1
  • Retractable Outlet Pipe x1
  • Spare Sponge (In Media Container) x2
  • Suction Cup x2
  • User Manual x1