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AQQA [ AQ028-US ]

AQQA Multifunction Internal Aquarium Filter with Fish Poop Collection

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  • Automatic collection of fish waste
  • Wavemaker, can adjust outlet waves
  • Dissolved oxygen, can adjustable air volume
  • Fish tanks quick water change tool
  • Purified water, filter through biochemical cotton

AQQA Multifunction Internal Aquarium Filter with Fish Poop Collection


Automatic Collection of Fish Waste

The strong suction of the water pump sucks the fish stool and sediment at the bottom of the fish tank into the filter, and then the fish waste will be settled into the container through the rotating small fan blades. Daily collection of fish feces becomes so easy! No trouble of tank cleaning any more.

Products info
Products info

Purify Water Through Biochemical Cotton

The fish feces and garbage separated by the fan are deposited in the container, and other small impurities will be attached to the filter cotton through the biochemical filter cotton. It is recommended to clean the filter cotton every 1 to 2 weeks.

Wavemaker with Adjustable Outlet Waves

The filtered water flows out as powerful waves. Both the direction of the water outlet and the volume of water flow can be adjusted. To adjust the water outlet direction, you need to pull it out and then put it back in the desired direction. To adjust the wave flow rate, you can rotate the air volume switch.

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Products info

Dissolve Oxygen

Waves can increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. You can adjust the air volume with air volume switch on the air intake hose.

Quick Water Change

To pump out the water from the fish tank, just pull out the wave-making water regulator and plug the water pipe. Similarly, if you want to add water to the fish tank, just put the filter in a bucket or tank with clean water, and pump the water to the fish tank.

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 Warm Tips for Using the Internal Aquarium Filter

1. The pump part should be immersed in water. Otherwise, the high working temperature may burn out the plastic shell.

2. The direction of the water outlet cannot be rotated directly. You need to pull it out and then put it back in the desired direction.

3. The air inlet cannot be placed in the water. Otherwise, it may be stuck on the wire.

 Product Parameters

Model Power Voltage Max Flow Rate Dimension Power Cord Length
AQ-028 8 W America: 110 V / 60 Hz
England: 220-240 V / 50 Hz
210 GPH 10.24'' H x 2.64'' D 5.9 Feet

 Packing List

  • Fish Poop Toilet with Power Plug x1
  • Oxygen Pipe x1
  • Adjustable Oxygen Valve x1
  • Intet / Outlet Pipe x1
  • Wave Head x1
  • User Manual x1