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AQQA [ AQ021-1000L ]

AQQA 35W 660GPH Submersible Water Pump

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  • Over-temperature protection
  • Super suction
  • Pumping low level water
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Easy to handle
  • Suitable for a variety of applications in ponds, fish tanks, fountains, waterfalls

AQQA 35W 660GPH Submersible Water Pump


  • Description
  • Specification & Package
  • Instructions
  • FAQ

Over-temperature protection

Maximum flow rate 260GPH(1000L/H). Smart control,When the temperature of the water pump exceeds 80℃, or the water pump detects that there is no water, it will automatically shut down.

Products info
Products info

Super Suction

Super suction at the bottom,Good for removing fecal residue from the bottom of the fish tank,When the water level is higher than 2inch(5cm), the pump can be started,can pumped to 0.4inch(1cm) water level.

Ultra-quiet & Powerful

Noise is less than 30db. Ceramic wear-resistant shaft, Magnet is used at the root to reduce resistance and noise.

Products info
Products info

Wide Application

Corrosion resistant ceramic motor and magnetic drive, longer operation life. It's perfect for a variety of applications in ponds, fish tanks, fountains, waterfalls, hydroponic systems, irrigation systems.

 Warm Tips

1. Keep it dry before turning on the power to prevent electric shock.

2.Do not install or store the pump where it will be exposed to the
weather or temperatures below freezing. This pump is suitable for use in water temperatures 40~ 95°F(4~35°C).

3. Do not submerse the pump lower than 3ft( 0.9m) of water depth.

4. Do not run dry or out of water.

 Product Parameters

Model No. AQ-021-1000 AQ-021-1500 AQ-021-2500 AQ-021-3500
Power (W) 20 25
35 45
Max Flow Rate (GPH) 265GPH 400GPH 660GPH 920GPH
Head Max (Feet) 5.9 6.5 14 17
Outlet 1/2"(13mm) 5/8"(16mm)

 Packing List

  • User manual x1
  • Bottom intake water pump x1
AQQA 35W 660GPH Submersible Water Pump
Usre Manual
Question:What size hose for 920gph, ID?
Answer:  Hello, 5/8" (16mm) or 3/4"(19mm),Both types of hoses can be connected.
By ETOSKY SELLER on January 22, 2022
Question:Do I leave this on the bottom of my aquarium for weekly water changes?
Answer:  Hello, yes, it should be placed at the bottom of the aquarium when changing the water, but it is best to avoid pebbles and sand.
By ETOSKY SELLER on August 18, 2021
Question:What size tubing should i get for this?
Answer:  Hello,265GPH and 400GPH suitable 1/2"(13mm) and 5/8"(16mm),660GPH and 920GPH suitable 5/8"(16mm) and 3/4"(19mm).
By ETOSKY SELLER on November 12, 2021
Question:What voltage it needs?
Answer:  Hello,110V/50Hz
By Robert Batts III on July 8, 2021