Hygger [ HG816 ]

Hygger 6-in-1 Aquarium Cleaning Tool Kit

  • Carbon fiber 6-in-1 aquarium cleaning tool kit
  • Telescopic handle
  • Extendable handle
  • Easy to assemble and strong
  • Lightweight carbon fiber pole not easy to break
  • Durable and firm material
  • Scientific structural design reduces the water intake

Hygger 6-in-1 Aquarium Cleaning Tool Kit


Versatile Cleaner with Various Cleaning Accessories

This aquarium cleaning toolkit includes a telescoping handle, 1 gravel rake, 1 metal blade, 1 flat sponge cleaner, 1 right-angle sponge, 1 tube brush, and 1 fish net. Different tools meet different cleaning needs.

Products info
Products info

Accessories Introduction

With premium carbon fiber composite construction, this telescoping handle can be extended from 19.7 inches to 35.4 inches which is long enough to clean up to 2.65 feet deep tank.

The flat sponge is made from carbon fiber and polyurethane. It is designed for cleaning the glass and the substrate, and can be rotated to 90 degrees to all direction cleaning.

Made from carbon fiber composition and polyurethane, it is an effective tool that helps to clean up hard reach corners.

This carbon fiber composition and stainless steel razor blade is anti-rust, and can be used at saltwater. It is non-detachable with a cover protecting you from getting hurt. Please note that this blade is only for glass tank.

This carbon fiber composition made tool is designed for raking the soil and cleaning gravel.

The tube brush is very useful when it comes to cleaning pipe and hard reach corners.

This 4-inch fish net is perfect for catching small fish, shrimp, crab, snails, aquatic frogs, and cleaning debris.

 Warnings and Warm Tips

1. Please be careful with the blade since it is sharp. It is only for glass tank.

2. Please rinse the razor in water and remove excess water after that. Do not cover it until it is dry.

3. Please wipe in the same direction when using flat sponge and right angle sponge. Do not wring or squeeze it when washing it.

4. Keep the cleaner out of reach of children.

5. It is suggested to clean aquarium once a week.

6. This cleaning kit is recommended for home aquarium use only.

 Product Parameters

Model Adjustable Handle Length
HG-816 1.95-2.95 Feet

 Packing List

  • Telescoping Handle x1
  • Gravel Rake x1
  • Metal Blade (Algae Scraper) x1
  • Flat Sponge Cleaner x1
  • Right-angle Sponge x1
  • Tube Brush x1
  • Fish Net x1
  • User Manual x1