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hygger [ HG049-S ]

Hygger Annulus Outlets Aquarium Bubble Stone

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  • Lower possibility of blockage
  • Annulus outlets for bubbles
  • Unobtrusive in tank
  • Bubble size can be adjusted
  • Easy to clean

Hygger Annulus Outlets Aquarium Bubble Stone


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Lower Possibilities Of Blockage

The air hole is inside the disc, so all the dirt will be on the cover. Users can clean all the dirt with a cloth on the disc cover. The air hole ring can also be easily cleaned since the cover can be opened.

Products info
Products info

Annulus Outlets For Bubbles

This bubble disc is with two round ring for bubbles, thus it can generate more bubbles than the general ones. It can generate any size bubble as you wish since the cover of the bubble disc can be adjusted.

Unobtrusive In Tank

This bubble disc is made of acrylics, so the whole disc is nearly crystal. When you place it in the tank, it will not be eye-catching. You can view your fish without any distraction.

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Products info

Easy To Clean

Most of the air bubble stone is made of stone or ceram,so it is extremely difficult to clean once there are moss on the item and then the bubbles stone become ugly.You can clean anything on the disc easily for its acrylic materials.

 Product Parameters

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Size: Dia:45MM(1.8") Dia:60MM(2.4") Dia:80MM(3.15")
Soft tube 4x6MM
Suction cup
Stainless steel Plier