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Hygger [ HG979-US ]

Hygger 5-in-1 Aquarium Power Filter

Free Shipping & Return On All Orders!  Free Shipping & Return On All Orders!
  • 3-in -1 turtle tank filter
  • Performance on 1.18 inch ultra-low water level
  • Super quiet and powerful
  • More efficient and durable
  • Mechanical and biological filtration
  • Reuse of filter media
  • Increase dissolved oxygen
  • Easy to set up and clean

Hygger 5-in-1 Aquarium Power Filter


3 Layers of Filter Chamber & 2 Kinds of Filter Materials

2 kinds of filter material are used in this filtration system: biochemical filter sponge and biochemical ceramic balls.

The first layer is filled with fine-hole filter sponge which can absorb debris and filter out large dirt particles such as food, feces in the water. The filter sponge can be washed repeatedly.

The second layer is filled with biochemical ceramic balls which can establish a nitrification system to reduce the turbidity like water mist.

The third layer is filled with fine-hole filter sponge which is used to remove impurities, odor, or turbidity. It is designed to filter the water again.

Products info
Products info

Multifunctional Aquarium Filter

This fish/turtle tank filter integrated 5 functions in one stop: water filtration, bacteria culture, oxygenation, wave effect, and water changing. The former 4 functions are intuitive. To change water, please disassemble the spray bar, remove the rain shower platform, and install the water hose at the tube. Please note that water hose is not included in this filter package.

Work for Shallow Water

The lowest water level for this filter to work is 1.2 inches, which makes it a perfect option for amphibian tanks such as turtles and frogs tank. However, in order to avoid the pump running in dry, and prevent damage to the filter, it is recommended that the water level of the fish tank be higher than the lowest water level by 0.8 inch.

Note: The highest water level should be limited to the first filtering chamber. And the optimum water level is 3.14 inches.

Products info

 Common Faults and Solutions

Fault 1: Motor does not work

Solution 1: Check if debris is stored around impeller or magnet of impeller. If so, clean the motor.

Solution 2: Check if the impeller unit is assembled correctly after cleaning. If not, unplug the power and reset the impeller.

Solution 3: Check if fine grain sand is stuck in sandy substrate. If so, please use larger particle sand and ensure the filter intake is not near the sand.

Solution 4: Check if impeller unit is worn out. If so, please exchange the impeller unit.

Solution 5: In some cases, the impeller inside the pump does not rotate due to phenomenon specific to magnetic pump. Try inserting and pulling out the plug several times. The magnet will move from neutral position and motor will start to work.

Fault 2: No or Weak Water Flow with Unusual Noise

Solution 1: Check if water level is above the minimum water level (1.2 inches).

Solution 2: Check if any debris is left in the impeller or motor. If so, clean the impeller or motor.

Solution 3: Check if impeller is set properly to motor. If not, please reset the impeller correctly.

Solution 4: Check if debris are stored in the housing. If so, clean the debris (regularly) or exchange filter media.

Fault 3: Water Becomes Dirty

Solution 1: Make sure you have cleaned up the gravel before putting it into tank.

Solution 2: Check if filter media is too dirty. If so, change the filter media.

 Product Parameters

Model Power Filter Media Voltage Max Flow Rate Cable Length Lowest Water Level Best Water Level
HG-979 8 W Biochemical Balls
2 Filter Sponges
110 V / 60 Hz 150 GPH 71 inches 1.2 Inches 3.1 Inches

 Packing List

  • 1x Power Filter x1
  • Suction Cup x2
  • Bag of Biochemical Balls x1
  • User Manual x1
  • Biochemical Cotton x2