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Hygger [ HG045-15W ]

Hygger Immersion Aquarium Heater

Free Shipping & Return On All Orders!  Free Shipping & Return On All Orders!
  • Smaller aquarium heater
  • Easy to clean the heating rod
  • Lower possibility to get burst
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Waterproof Digital Display
  • Overheating alarm

Hygger Immersion Aquarium Heater


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  • Specification & Package
  • Instructions
  • FAQ

Safer for its unique design

The heater cover can be removed easily. You can clean the heating rod as you wish, so there won’t be limescale on the rod. In this case, the rod will not be broken and the water will be cleaner, thus the fish can lead a healthy and safe life in the tank.

Products info
Products info

Smaller than most of the heaters

The dimension of this heater is 4.3*1.8*1.2 inches, which is smaller than almost all the heaters in market, so it will not exert any unaesthetic influence on the tank. It definitely is the idea heater for small freshwater and saltwater aquarium.

Longer cord on the heater

The total length of the cord is 6.5ft, much longer than other heaters, so there is no need to worry even when the tank is far away from socket. It is definitely a good choice for hobbyists with several tanks in one room.

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Dry run and over-heating alarm

The heater’s temperature can be controlled from 64℉ to 91℉. When the water or environment temperature is over 91℉, the heater will alarm. Meanwhile it will power off once the heater is out of water. Only when the heater is totally cool down a few minutes later can you grab it.

Products info
Products info

LED digital display

The LED display can shows the water’s real-time temperature, so user can check the temperature at a glance of the heater and then adjust it in time to keep the fish comfortable. It is extremely important to adjust the heater, especially for some sensitive fish.

 Warnings and Warm Tips

1. Please remove the cover and then clean the heating tube from time to time, or it will accumulate limestone to lead to bursting of the tube.

2. Always keep the heater rod fully submersible to avoid heater damage and accidental burns.

3. Unplug the heater for 15 minutes or so before water change or cleaning the fish tank. Otherwise, it would melt the case.

 Product Parameters

Model HG045-50W HG045-100W
Power 50 W 100 W
Application <9Gal <18Gal
Voltage AC220~240V, 50~60Hz
Control Range 3.9ft+2.6ft/1.2M +0.8M
Temp Accuracy ±0.1℃
Hygger Immersion Aquarium Heater