Hygger [ HG975-H ]

Hygger 0.75-Gallon Oblate Glass Fish Bowl Kit

  • Unique design fish tank bowl kits
  • Special oblate shape and wider front view
  • Novel & unique decoration
  • Special gift for kids
  • Easy to clean and change water
  • Small space and lightweight convenient to take

Hygger 0.75-Gallon Oblate Glass Fish Bowl Kit


Unique Decoration for Room Space

Hygger mini glass oblate fish bowl is a good decor for your home, dorm, office, or any other room space. It comes with a fan shape plastic tree ornament and a bag of blue glass beads. You can choose to use the decors or not because it supports DIY theme design.

Small and compact, it will not take up much room space but can make you feel good and relaxed in the busy days. Any time you look at the fish bowl and fish in it, your eyes will get a rest. You can place it on the table, windowsill, shelf, or anywhere else you want.

Products info
Products info

A Nice Gift Idea

Don't know what gift to buy for kids or friends? Look at this mini special glass fish bowl kit, it will be a good gift choice. For 7-14 years old kids, this fish bowl kit can be a good choice as birthday gift or children's day gift.

The small aquarium glass tank is suitable for keeping baby fish, small turtle, or shrimps. The clear glass is easy for children to observe these animals.

Please keep it away from little kids under 7 year old because they may break the glass tank and get themselves hurt, or even accidentally swallow the blue glass beads.

 Tips for Mini Fish Bowl Maintenance

1. This small fish bowl is suitable for endler guppy, pearl zebrafish, red crystal shrimp, and other small fish. However, the recommended quantity is limited to 1 to 3.

2. Don't feed too much at once.

3. It is recommended to replace one-third of the water every 5 days.

4. Don’t place the mini fish bowl near vents.

 Product Parameters

Model Material Dimension Glass Thickness Fish Bolw Capacity
HG-975 Glass 7.9 x 5.9 x 3 (inch) 5 mm 0.75 Gallon

 Packing List

  • Glass Fish Bowl x1
  • Fan Shape Plastic Tree Ornament x1
  • A Bag of Bule Glass Beads x1