Hygger [ HG925-300W-US ]

Hygger Quartz Pinpoint Aquarium Heater

  • Digital LED display controller
  • Constant temperature function
  • Over-temperature alarm function
  • Abnormal alarm of temperature line
  • Memory function
  • Double sealed material
  • Durable quartz tube and resistant to corrosion

Hygger Quartz Pinpoint Aquarium Heater


Resistant to Explosion and Corrosion

The heating rod is made of premium quartz, and is double sealed by black protective guard, which makes it resistant to explosion and corrosion. Plus, the protective plastic case would protect your fish and other aquatic pets from punching and scalding.

Products info
Products info

External IC Temp Controller

The real time temperature is always showing on the temperature controller once the heater is correctly connected with the controller. And the red and yellow indicator on the controller exactly shows whether the heater is heating (red light on) or stops heating (yellow light on).

Over-heating Protection

When the water temperature reaches 36°C (97°F) accidentally, the controller display will flicker and the power load will be shut off. When it cools down, the heater will starts working again to keep a constant aquarium water temperature. The normal temperature range of this heater is from 60°F to 90°F. So please set your desired temperature within this range in order to extend the heater’s service life.

Products info
Products info

Memory Function

This aquarium heater features memory function. That is, if there is a sudden power failure, the desired temperature will be set to the value based on the last settings before power failure. Then it intelligently starts to heat to reach the set temperature.

Easy to Set Your Desired Temperature

Step 1: Place the heater and the probe coming with the controller on the tank with the fixed suctions. And keep both fully submerged.

Step 2: Connect the heater with the controller. And plug in the controller.

Step 3: Now you can see the current temperature showing on the LED display screen.

Step 4: Press set button “o” for several seconds until your desired temperature is reached. After it blinked 3 times, the setting is done.

Step 5: The heater starts to heat.

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 Warnings and Warm Tips

1. Make sure the heater doesn’t touch sand or gravel on the tank bottom.

2. To avoid the device overheating and insure its better performance, it’s better to put the heater close to the tank filter.

3. Don’t plug in the aquarium heater if it’s not completely submerged in water.

4. Unplug the heater for 15 minutes before water change or cleaning fish tank. Otherwise, it would melt the case.

5. Always keep the heater rod and temperature probe fully submersible.

 Product Parameters

Model Power Voltage/Frequency Power Cord Length Applicable Tank Size Temp Accuracy Temp Control Range Heating Rod Length
HG-925 300 W 110-120 V, 60 Hz 5 ft + 7 ft 30-60 Gallons ±1°F 60°F - 90°F (16°C - 32°C) 7.7 Inches
500 W 60-120 Gallons 10.5 Inches

 Packing List

  • IC Temp Controller with Temp Probe x1
  • Quartz Heater Tube with Sleeve x1
  • User Manual x1