Hygger [ HG912 ]

Hygger 5-hole Resin Hollow Tree Trunk Decoration for Aquariums

  • 5 Hollow holes
  • 100% tree trunk imitation
  • Made of resin
  • Log resin hollow tree trunk
  • Aquarium natural landscape
  • Perfect place to rest, breed and hide

Hygger 5-hole Resin Hollow Tree Trunk Decoration for Aquariums


Small Fish’s Favorite

Your fish and other small aquarium pets can chase each other through the 5 holes on the trunk, which adds more fun and reduces boredom to the small animals. If you have skittish fish who like to hide, this resin wood house is your best choice since it provides a great hiding spot.

Note that this hollow trunk is only suitable for small and baby fish that is less than 5 inches, such as betta, hermit crab, crayfish, sucker fish, axolotl, guppies, blue rams, chained loach, clow fish, zebra danio, black neon tetra, ect. Larger fish may get stuck in the trunk.

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Products info

A wonderful Addition to Your Aquariums

Hygger 5-hole resin hollow tree trunk aquarium ornament is hand painted, vivid, and realistic. It creates a nature landscape underwater that will increase more fun and vitality to your simple and tedious aquarium.

Durable and Non-toxic Resin Material

This hollow trunk aquarium decoration is made from durable and non-toxic resin which is friendly for all aquariums and fish, and can be put in fresh water and salt water tank. The resin material will not die, rot, or cause algae problems.

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 Warm Tips

1. Please soak the trunk decoration for 10-15 minutes before applying to wipe off the dust and paint smell.

2. There is no need to clean the resin ornament too often. It won't die, rot, or cause any algae problems.

 Product Parameters

Model Material Dimension Weight Appicable Tank Size
HG-912 Resin 5.3 x 4 x 2.7 (inch) 0.42 Pound 5-50 Gallons

 Packing List

  • Resin Hollow Tree Trunk Decoration x1
  • User Manual x1