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How Long Do Betta Fish Live

Close your eyes and imagine: the afternoon sun lazily basking in the fish tank, a gorgeous betta fish with a gorgeous tail swimming freely in the tank, and a lilting and gentle piano tune appropriately surrounding the whole environment, including the betta fish in the tank and you.

Indeed, the betta fish is a beautiful fish, and often the first fish for the novice fishkeeper. Betta fish feature long flowing fins and are often brightly colored making them become such an interesting and In the family home, you can always see betta fish.

You may be wondering just how long such an attractive fish can be your pet and keep you company. This relates to the lifespan of a betta fish, which is usually up to 3 years in good surroundings.

However, just as people remember, bettas referred to as "Siamese fighting fish" or "labyrinth fish". Thus, fighting always in their genes but they would generally only spar for a few minutes until one betta gave up and retreated.

If two male betta fish were placed in the same aquarium, they would certainly fight to the death. If you put a male betta fish in an aquarium, even if they see their own shadow, they will immediately erect their fins and adjust their mood, emitting brilliant colors and immediately enter into battle.

The most famous thing about betta fish is their "aggressive" character, which was used by people at the beginning, just like the bullfight in Spain and the cockfight in ancient China.

People are willing to observe the fighting process of two male betta fish, and many people get pleasure and satisfaction from watching two betta fish. Because of this characteristic of betta fish and this psychological demand of people, betta fish became very popular and the market of betta fish gradually expanded, so betta fish were bred so that gamblers could place bets on the victor of a betta fight.

Once the male fish enters the estrus period, he will start to stretch out the water surface to inhale and spit bubbles under the water plants to build a nest. After the nest building is completed, the male fish will court the female fish by fierce means.

If one of them is unhappy, or if there is a difference in size, there will be serious consequences, such as unsuccessful mating, or serious injury or death from fighting. Therefore, female fish will usually choose a smaller male fish than their own size to mate, so that the male fish will not be bitten and killed during the mating.

This is why many fish keeping experts advise you not to keep two or more betta fish in the same tank. If you don't heed the advice of fish keeping experts, you may soon have only one betta fish and the corpse of another betta fish or two betta fish left in your tank.


So, how can we improve this situation and make our betta fish live as long as possible?

First of all, we must be careful to strictly control the number of betta fish in each tank. As you can see from the text above, betta fish have a natural tendency to fight, so we need to be extra careful, especially when dealing with two males. To ensure your fish has the longest happiest life possible, keep males separate in tanks.

Secondly, the size of the tank is very important, Its better to keep them in an appropriately sized tank. But this does not mean that a small space is suitable for a betta fish to grow. many containers can't even be called a qualified fish tank. Betta fish require a tank which is at least 5 gallons(20--25 liter).Betta fish are a perfect fish for any 5-gallon tank. They’re territorial and enjoy having plenty of space, without getting lonely or bored with what they have already occupied in their freshwater aquarium.


Here we recommened Hygger 5 Gallon Fish Tank.

The Hygger 5 Gallon Fish Tank is a high-quality and innovative aquarium that combines low iron glass with LED lighting to provide an incredibly clear view of your fish. The aquarium also comes with a bottom plate for added stability. The water pump works quietly and is equipped with two outlet options. The sleek, modern design and smooth edges of the Hygger Fish Starter Kit make it a perfect fit for smaller spaces.

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The Hygger 5 Gallon Fish Tank is designed with ultra-white glass that has high light transmittance (98%) which means you can see your fish clearly. The height of the tank is a bit higher than most other tanks, but it is still within the normal range.And it does not affect the use of the lighting light. The edge of the 5 gallon fish bowl is polished to be smooth so that it would not hurt your hands. It contains a load-bearing bottom plate which is safer and more stableThe built-in highlight on top won't cause your fish to jump up. It also comes with a filter cartridge that fits into the box. The tank also includes three different lighting modes and a low-energy pump that maintains a sufficient amount of oxygen in the water.

The Hygger 5 Gallon Fish Tank is a sleek, modern design that measures 16.65" L by 9" W by nine.12.4"H.It features a curved front and a detachable 3D rockwork background. The built-in water pump is energy-saving (5 W). It has a low level of noise but strong power. It has large water flow and fast water circulation speed which will guarantee the number of filtration and full contact between water and air.

Unlike the traditional fish tank filter whose parts exposed in the fish tank, we adopt a hidden design with a black partition to hide the filter box (including the filter material bio-cotton, bio-balls, and carbon) and the water pump box (including a water pump and 2 types of water outlets).This product Package includes all needed accessories for staring an home aquarium which is safer and more stableIts a good investment for any new aquarium and will make your fish happy. It will also save you a lot of money in the long run!

All in all, if you provide your beloved betta fish with clean water, plenty of oxygen, a good diet, an almost perfect tank environment, and take good care of them every single day, chances are they will live to be four or five years or longer.


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