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10 Types of Freshwater Angelfish (With Pictures)

Angelfish are a cichlid species of fish found throughout the Amazon River system and in several South American countries. Their unique appearance of them comes from their long fins that flow gracefully through the water as it swims. The followings are 10 types of freshwater angelfish.

  1. Albino Angelfish
  2. Altum Angelfish
  3. Black Lace Angelfish
  4. Blushing Angelfish
  5. Gold Angelfish
  6. Koi Angelfish
  7. Marble Angelfish
  8. Silver Angelfish
  9. Smokey Angelfish
  10. Zebra Angelfish


Albino Angelfish

Albino Angelfish

The color of albino angelfish can range from white to silver, with some yellow and orange colors around their face. When they grow up, the length can reach 6 inches.

Albino angelfish are easy to care for. You need to prepare a
tank over 30 gallons with much space for them to swim freely.

They preferred living in places with lots of plants and roots to hide from their predators and get lots of food, such as insect larvae and worms.

Therefore, remember to put some rocks and plants in your aquarium if you decide to feed albino angelfish.

As for their diet, you can feed them with frozen or live foods, but make sure all of them can get the food they need.

If you want to find tank mates for albino angelfish, choose the medium-sized fish, because albino angelfish will eat smaller fish.


Altum Angelfish

Altum Angelfish

Altum angelfish have a silver body with brown or black vertical stripes. They can reach up to 7 inches long and 9 inches tall when they mature. Compared with other common species, altum angelfish are larger, deeper and flatter.

Altum angelfish have a high demand on water conditions and they require larger, deeper tanks. They need to be kept in a warmer environment where the water temperature ranges from 82 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, the pH level has to be always between 4.8 and 6.2. The water hardness should stay below 5. These make altum angelfish not commonly seen in the aquarium trade. If you have one in your aquarium, you can feed it with both live and frozen foods, such as live brine shrimp and frozen worms.


Black Lace Angelfish

Black Lace Angelfish

Black lace angelfish are very dark with an elegant lace pattern to the fins. If they have been taken good care of, they will grow to over 6 inches in diameter and 14 inches tall. Compared with other species, they are very rare, so it may cost more to keep a black lace angelfish.

Black lace angelfish are very quiet, so they don’t like noise. When you set your fish tank, set it at a quiet place. And remember to buy equipment with low noise.

Black lace angelfish are also very sensitive to water conditions, they require a 75-82 degrees Fahrenheit water temperature. You’d better buy a good heater for your black lace angelfish to make sure they won’t feel uncomfortable with the water.


Blushing Angelfish

Blushing Angelfish

Blushing angelfish are quite different from the others in coloration. You can only see color on their cheeks. Besides that, there is no pigmentation on the other parts of their body.

They can grow up to 6 inches if given good care. Blushing angelfish should be kept in a heavily planted tank that contains rock and driftwood and other objects. The water temperature should be kept between 75-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

They are very peaceful species that can live with other fish when there is enough space for them to swim around. When feeding blushing angelfish, choose pellets, flakes, live and frozen foods.


Gold Angelfish

Gold Angelfish

Gold angelfish have a light golden body with a darker yellow or orange hue on the crown. They are over 6 inches in length.

You may not see many gold angelfish in the aquarium trade because they are difficult to keep.

Firstly, they require a fish tank larger than 55 gallons.

Secondly, the fish tank should be decorated with rocks, abundant vegetarian and wood.

The water temperature should be kept between 76-84 degrees Fahrenheit and the pH level they require is between 6.5-6.9.

What’s more, they are aggressive to other species, so they can only be kept alone.

As for their diet, there are various choices. You can feed them with dried flakes, frozen foods, algae, mysis shrimp and so on.


Koi Angelfish

Koi Angelfish

Juvenile koi angelfish have a red hue below their eyes that fades with age. The amount of orange seen varies according to the stress level of the fish. They can reach over 6 inches when they mature.

Koi angelfish are easy to keep, they don’t have a high demand for the tank, water parameter or other elements. The minimum size of a fish tank for koi angelfish is 30 gallons. They like a tank with driftwood and rocks.

The water temperature should be kept between 76-86 degrees Fahrenheit and the pH level should be 6.0-7.4.

Koi angelfish are omnivores, they like dried, frozen, and live foods.


Marble Angelfish

Marble Angelfish

Just as the name implies, marble angelfish have a body that looks like marble. There are different colors on their body, such as black, white and yellow. They can reach up to 6 inches in length.

Marble angelfish are easy to maintain. You should prepare a 30-gallon fish tank for them to give them more space to swim around, and the water should be slightly acidic.

They like a warmer environment, so you’d better buy a heater for them.

They can accept any life as well as frozen food. You can feed them with shrimps, pellets, flake foods and blood worms.


Silver Angelfish

Silver Angelfish

Silver angelfish have a silver body with red eyes and three dark black stripes, one through the eye, and two more through the body. They can reach over 6 inches in length.

You should set a 30-gallon tank with driftwood and rocks in it for silver angelfish to live. The water temperature should be kept between 76-84 degrees Fahrenheit.

Silver angelfish can be kept with medium-sized peaceful fish that do not like to nip fins. Smaller tank mates are easy to become the food of silver angelfish.

When feeding silver angelfish, choose flakes, small pellets, frozen and live foods.


Smokey Angelfish

Smokey Angelfish

Smokey angelfish have a darker silver complexion on their body with traces of orange usually on their head and fin. They can grow to 6 inches long and 8 inches tall when they mature.

A 40-gallon fish tank is required for a pair, but a larger one is suitable for a group. 75 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit water temperature and 6-7 pH level are the most suitable water environment for smokey angelfish.

As omnivores, smokey angelfish like eating foods high in protein, such as blood worms, insect larvae, brine shrimps and so on.


Zebra Angelfish

Zebra Angelfish

There are four stripes on the zebra angelfish, one through the eye and three more on the body. If cared for properly, they can grow up to 10 inches in length.

Zebra angelfish like swimming around, a small fish tank will make them feel uncomfortable. So you need to buy a 30-gallon or larger fish tank for a group of 6 or more of them. The water parameters are 76-86 degrees Fahrenheit for water temperature and 6.0-7.4 for pH level.

They require zooplankton, such as tiny invertebrates for food, they also eat high-quality dry, frozen, and live foods.


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