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Do You Need a Heater in Your Fish Tank

Fish are a particularly temperature-sensitive animal, and constant water temperature is very important to them. So how to keep the aquarium temperature constant? How can you prevent your beloved fish from dying due to low temperatures in winter? The answer may be: an aquarium heater.


Do you need an aquarium heater?

If you have an aquarium, you will want to consider using an aquarium heater. These devices can be installed in a variety of ways, including in-pump, hanging, or even under-the-skin.

The amount of wattage that you need is based on the size of your tank. For each type of tank, you will need to determine the wattage needed for the particular species. Once you have decided on the wattage, you will need to determine the ideal temperature for the fish.

A typical heater will work for an average of 74-82℉, which is about 23-28℃. If you plan to use one of these products, you should choose the right size to accommodate your fish.

The heater screen will flash if the temperature in the tank is too high or too low. You should choose the size according to the length and height of your aquarium.

The heater should cover the entire length and depth of the tank. Moreover, the temperature should not drop below the level of the water, or you will have to replace it with a new one.

If you want your aquarium to be heated, it is important to select a model with an automatic thermostat, since it can reduce error to less than half a degree Celsius.

If your aquarium is in a room that does not have a central heating system, you might consider installing a tank heater.

The temperature of the tank can be influenced by the temperature of the house, so you can use a space heater or a built-in heater to maintain a consistent temperature.

If you have a heated floor, you might also consider insulating your house. If you do not have a built-in heating system, you may still need to invest in an aquarium-specific heater to ensure that your fish have a comfortable environment.


Fish tank aquarium heater classification and principle

Fish tank aquarium heater can be divided into two categories, one is electronic, it uses a thermal thermistor detection control temperature, the other is a bimetal mechanical temperature control of the aquarium heater.

The first type of aquarium heater belongs to the thermostat type. The temperature control is more accurate, the price is slightly higher than the ordinary mechanical aquarium heater, but the price will be relatively high. The disadvantage is the complex structure will be attached to the probe socket and other peripherals.

The second type is a metal sheet mechanical temperature control of the aquarium heater. It is more common and is made of bimetal, that is, two different materials of bimetal using a special process combined together in the temperature change due to the difference in its expansion coefficient, and the metal sheet according to the temperature change deformation, the use of bimetal placed inside the aquarium heater as a contact switch. The use of this point can be reached after the temperature Automatic contact disconnection for temperature control, with the disadvantage of inaccurate temperature control.

Thermostatic aquarium heater its internal bimetal and its temperature control contacts is the core of this aquarium heater control, poor quality bimetal in the use of the process is easy to produce fatigue, resulting in bimetal can not be turned on or off with the change in temperature aquarium heater, in addition to poor quality contact switch is also easy to fire sticking caused by temperature fluctuations, thus affecting the fish only. Therefore, we must pay attention when buying aquarium heater, be sure to buy better quality aquarium heater.


How to choose the right aquarium heater

When choosing an aquarium heater, you must be careful to choose the one that is suited to your needs. There are a number of factors you need to consider.

The first factor is the environment that you will be using your tank in. A warmer environment means that the heater needs to work harder to bring the water temperature to the desired level. If you live in a cold climate, you will need a stronger aquarium heating element.

The second factor is the type of aquarium. Glass and acrylic aquariums retain heat better than glass and therefore you need a stronger one.

Before you buy an aquarium heater, determine the size of the tank. You should choose one that will cover the entire length and depth of your tank. Make sure the tube has suction cups so it can adjust to the surrounding temperature.

When choosing an aquarium heater, consider the wattage required to run it, as larger units use more electricity. If you do not need much heat for your fish, you can go for a smaller model.

You should always use a heat-based heater for the water temperature of your aquarium. You need to select one that has sufficient power and capacity.

Substrate heaters should be placed under the substrate, while the other types should be placed near the filter or in front of the water flow. These two factors will not only make the water temperature warmer quickly, but will also ensure that the water is evenly heated.

If you have a large aquarium, one moderate heater may not be enough to maintain the temperature. If you want to keep the tank temperatures at an acceptable level, you can use two or more moderate heaters.


Why Choose Hygger heaters?

1. Fully automatic control

After installing the aquarium heater and the thermometer, you just need to set the desired heating temperature. It will stop heating when the water temp reaches the set temp, and automatically restart heating when the water temp is 1°F lower than the set temp. The controller has remember function for the temperature settings.

2. Durable titanium tube

This metal aquarium heater tube is made of titanium which is light weighted, durable, and corrosion resistant. Specially designed for marine tanks. It can also be used in fresh water.

It is very compact and small so that it is easy to hide in the tank. It is not suggested to use it in sump. The diameter of the titanium tube is 19 mm. You can buy suction cups suitable for this size when you need to get that replaced.

3. Digital LED display

The IC temp controller can show the water temp and set temp at the same time, and there is a indicator light to show the heating status. You can press the “Up” key to shift degree unit between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

4. Wide temperature range

With the thermostat controller, you can set the temp from 32°F to 104°F. Control precision is 1°F. Please set the right temp for your aquarium pets. The separate thermometer can detect a temperature from -68°F to 140°F. The measurement accuracy is ±0.2°F.

In winter, fish tank heater is a necessary tool to regulate the temperature of the fish tank, if you like to breed tropical ornamental fish, don't forget to equip your favorite fish with an aquarium heater to meet the temperature requirements of the fish.


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