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Do You Need a Light in Your Fish Tank

Aquarium lamp, as one of the important equipment, not only provides the best lighting for aquarium landscape and ornamental fish, but also simulates sunlight to aquatic plants and fish to create an environment for growth and development.

The lamp is an indispensable auxiliary equipment in the aquarium, because the light is not only a necessary condition for the growth of aquarium fish and aquatic plants, but also an indispensable scenic equipment in the aquarium scenery.

The light irradiation can highlight the aquarium fish body surface bright colors, so that the tender green aquatic plants appear more crisp and attractive.

Hygger Aquarium Advanced Full Spectrum LED Light

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Types of lights

1. Daylight

Fluorescent lamps are the most common goldfish aquarium lighting equipment. They are modified from industrial or residential fluorescent lamps and have been developed specifically for the aquarium market.

They are called "full-spectrum fluorescent lamps" and are made to simulate midday sunlight, creating a bright and clear environment for the aquarium. If there are plants in the aquarium, they will grow better in this light and the green leaves will look sharp.

Fluorescent lights have a long life (thousands of hours) and are very bright compared to the energy it consumes. They work at a lower temperature than regular incandescent bulbs, so they are more suitable for installation in the top cover of an aquarium.


2. Metal halide lamp

Metal halide lamps usually use halogen bulbs and a parabolic deep reflective lampshade, which is a kind of light stronger lamps. It is a well-made, beautiful, concentrated light, and its ornamental effect is very good.

Because of the large power and heat generation, halogen lamps are generally hung 40 cm above the aquarium; because of the strong ultraviolet radiation, they are equipped with a glass filter.

Metal halide lamps are more often used in aquariums with tropical fish, because these aquariums have a lot of aquatic plants, and many aquatic plants need strong light to grow well. Large tropical fish aquariums even need several sets of lamps combined lighting.

But for the general goldfish aquarium without a large number of real plants, metal halogen lamps of high light is very easy to lead to the algae crazy reproduction. So, for most goldfish aquariums, high specification halogen lamps are not very suitable lighting equipment.


3. Other types of lights

Fluorescent lamps have different spectra and are used to simulate various underwater lighting environments. There are some fluorescent tubes with colors such as pink and crimson that are popular because they have the effect of enhancing the visual color effect and can make the goldfish (red goldfish to be exact) look more vibrant.

However, red is only one of the colorful goldfish body colors, and healthy goldfish often have very vibrant body colors, and they can show excellent color effects under white light close to daylight.

Strong colors of light will not only make them look flashy, but also counterproductive to make some goldfish lose the color she should present (for example, the five-color goldfish, in the dark red light they will show the whole body ugly purple gray and coffee color). If the aquarium uses all such colored lights, the entire color palette will thus look contrived.

However, there is an intensely colored fluorescent tube that is very suitable for goldfish aquariums. ---- photochemical blue tubes simulate moonlight, emitting a dark blue soft light, so they are called "moonlight lamps ", this kind of lamp is mainly used to provide lighting for deep sea corals in the seawater tank.

The vivid colors of goldfish cannot be presented under the light of the moonlight lamp, of course, but the aquarium will be covered with a strong night color, and the goldfish can enjoy the peace and tranquility brought by this night color with you.


4. LED aquarium lights

Traditional lamps and lanterns, basically 360 degrees of light, need to optimize the light effect with the help of reflectors or reflectors. LED lamp beads themselves, basically 180 degrees of light, without any reflective devices, light utilization is better than traditional lamps and lanterns; LED lamps and lanterns with reflective devices or lenses, can further improve the light utilization.

LED has a small size, light weight, long life, safety, reliable and durable characteristics; wavelength type is rich. It can simulate all kinds of plants, animals need to survive the light environment, spectrum wave width half wide and narrow, can be combined according to the need to obtain pure monochromatic light and composite spectrum.


How to choose the right LED aquarium lights

1. Lighting according to biological species

For example, in aquarium, usually the green plants absorb the strongest red and blue-violet light. But for aquarium plants, water will absorb most of the spectrum of light, and finally only blue-violet light can penetrate, which is why the water surface and the water can only see the blue reason.

So the aquarium plants in nature mainly rely on absorbing blue-violet light for living, of course, for shallow aquarium, red light can penetrate and can be used by the chlorophyll of aquatic plants.

At present, domestic and foreign aquarium light products according to the freshwater tank or seawater tank to match the light, consumers can choose according to the type of aquarium organisms.


2. Choose the right size and power

Choose LED lighting needs to choose the right size and power for your tank and feeding creatures.

Too big, too high power lamps, the initial investment is too high; too small or not enough power, the irradiation surface is too small, too many dark areas, not enough brightness, also can not be long-term feeding, ornamental effect will be very poor.


3. Lens

LED lamps in the water depth greater than 40cm aquarium light intensity is very low, penetration is also greatly reduced; because the lamp beads are 180 degrees luminous, even if parallel visual, there will be a blinding feeling, by using reflectors or lenses, the side light concentrated below.

Various brands of lenses are designed in different ways, some with reflectors, some with convex lenses, some with flat lenses, a highly efficient lens aquarium on the application, should be a large angle soft light, so as to concentrate the light to improve utilization, but also make the color mixing more ideal.


4. Light balance

Due to the different design methods of each brand, resulting in LED overall light effect in the aquarium irradiation uniformity is greatly inferior to traditional lamps. Many products, visual inspection seems to be not bright, in fact, the human eye observes the brightness will be suppressed, under the instrument test, many light has been too strong, too strong brightness, resulting in biological burns, decolorization. Therefore, it is very important to choose the light balanced LED products.


5. Stepless dimming and sunrise and sunset simulation

A high-quality LED aquarium lighting, must have automatic sunrise and sunset simulation function, 24 hours a day, you can set the brightness of multiple time points, so that in the feeding, will be very widely used, suitable for a variety of biological feeding, sunrise, sunset, will not disturb the creatures and fish, to reduce the risk of fish jumping tank;.

Automatic dimming contains stepless and graded two different control methods, the former stepless change, change naturally and slowly, will not see the jump; the latter graded dimming, to a point in time jump to a certain brightness, in the strict sense, does not belong to the dimming simulation.


6. Constant current power supply and constant voltage power supply

LED lighting quality, constant current power supply and constant voltage power supply is also one of the important signs.

High-power LED chip in the case of constant-current power supply, power supply adaptive voltage, can maintain brightness, each lamp beads, can maintain consistent brightness, even if individual extinguished, will not be due to high voltage and the whole row of burned, a single extinguished lamp in time to replace, more prolong the service life of the whole lamp. The market with the sunrise and sunset simulation lamps and lanterns are basically constant-current power supply.

Constant voltage power supply is suitable for small power LED chips, generally 12V.


7. Easy maintenance

Aquarium lamps and lanterns use the special nature of the environment, the lamps and lanterns themselves to easy maintenance, harsh moisture, salt, will lead to lamp failure, and these failures, are outside the factory warranty. It is also very important to choose products with waterproof gear surface, modular design, and simple replacement of lamp beads.

According to a survey conducted by a research organization, fish farming is the second largest interest market in the world, second only to photography, the global fish farming population of 100 million people, as long as the mastery of 10% of the market, there are millions of aquarium lights market.


Recommended aquarium lights

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The 24 / 7 fish light is designed to simulate the natural living conditions of a tropical reef aquarium. It starts with a warm orange light at sunrise, switches to a full spectrum light at noon, and finally switches to starry blue at night. The timer is set up to switch off automatically after seven hours. The TIMER button can be used to adjust the lighting time. The Hygger LED Fish Tank Lights have nine stages of brightness.

The 24 hour cycle mimics the natural light conditions of the tropics. During the daytime, it starts with a warm orange light, gradually switching to full spectrum light for the remainder of the day, and then to blue and white light at night. This timer automatically turns off and on at the same times every day, giving the fish and plants more than 7 hours of sleep. It can be set to turn on and off an hour earlier or later depending on the settings in the time section.

The Hygger LED Fish Tank Light is a programmable lighting device that features four different light modes. It also offers ten levels of brightness and can simulate different stages of the day and night. The lights can be programmed to switch between a blue and a full spectrum light to help promote photosynthesis in aquatic plants. The lights can be set to a preset time range and are easy to reset. The smallest light emits white light at dawn and a bright orange light at dusk. The rest of the lighting cycles are set to blue and green, and are designed to last for many years.



1. The combination of colored lamps and white lamps can make the aquarium present a colorful but not overly artificial natural effect.

2. You do not have to use a polished mirror as a reflector, a large sheet of tough white paper or shiny tin foil, can be used as a reflector.

3. The effect of these cheap materials is also very significant.

4. For your aquarium installation of daylight and moonlight two sets of lights, so that your aquarium will have a "day" and "night" at the same time.

Whether you are keeping grass or fish, aquarium lights are necessary. Just follow one thing, according to the specific situation, what suits you is the best. With the widespread use of LED intelligent lighting, "intelligent" LED aquarium lights can make fish healthier and plants more beautiful, there will be a broader market in the future.


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