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How Many Cherry Shrimp Per Gallon

Are only fish best for stocking in nano tanks? Many of the aquarists said YES. If you are among those, then I want to tell you that shrimps can also help you make your aquarium a focal point of the room.

Cherry shrimps are one of the best choices for aquarists for nano tanks around the globe. Their bright color makes the tank an eye-catchy spot in the entire space.

Here multiple questions arise i.e. how many cherry shrimps per gallon are suitable, can they live in community tanks, which one is the best tank for shrimps and many others. To find accurate and quick answers, just read till the end of the article.


How many shrimps per gallon?

Cherry shrimps are smaller i.e. female size is only 1cm, and males are even smaller than females. So you can stock even 100 shrimps in a 10-gallon aquarium. But fish tanks will exhibit as over-crowded.

But the optimum value for a 10-gallon tank is a maximum of 50 shrimps. So, you can stock about 2 to 5 shrimps per gallon.

2-5 cherry shrimp per gallon

Which is the most suitable aquarium for cherry shrimps?

A 10-gallon fish aquarium is the most suitable and ideal tank for proper cherry shrimp growth. You can stock about 20 to 50 shrimps in only shrimps 10-gallon fish tank.


Can the cherry shrimps breed?

Yes, they have an excellent breeding ability. They start mating just before the starting of summer i.e. 79℉. They raise their race exponentially. It’s possible one day when you’ll wake up and your tank full of cherry shrimps.


How to build a cherry shrimp colony?

Cherry shrimp

As they increase exponentially, you can make a cherry shrimp colony.

For building a cherry shrimp colony, you’ve to require a 20-gallon or 30-litter fish tank. Stock less male compared to females. But keep in mind, don’t stock the male too low but an optimum population.

Make sure the temperature is about 79℉, the pH ranges between 6.8 to 7.5, and brackish water.

Finally, you will get a nice cherry shrimp colony.


Can I stock cherry shrimps in a community fish tank?

You can stock cherry shrimps in community fish tanks but with some changes.

The cherry shrimps are peaceful. Therefore stock them with peaceful tank mates i.e. neon tetras, male betta, freshwater snails, dwarf gourami, bristlenose plecos, cory catfish, amano shrimp, ghost shrimp, and small rasboras.

Keep them away from tetras and cichlids because they become offensive and even can eat your shrimps.

Cherry shrimp and neon tetra

What are the main requirements for a cherry shrimp tank?

Besides the suitable water parameters, you’ve to keep the focus on the filter and hiding spots.

Baby cherry shrimps are even smaller than the adult ones. If you use a power filter, then their life is in danger. Use a sponge filter in only a cherry shrimp tank and a pre-sponge filter in the community fish tank.

Introduce multiple hiding spots to community fish tanks as it helps them from being predated.


How to control the cherry shrimp population in the tank?

Cherry shrimp

They multiply their population within days. Sometimes, they crowded the tank with shrimps. For population control, there are multiple measures.


1. Relocate the entire colony

It’s a nice option if you want to keep them. Stock cherry shrimps in a new and larger fish tank.


2. Move some shrimps to a different aquarium

If you are interested to have multiple breeds of cherry shrimps, then an overpopulated tank is an opportunity for you. Carefully select males and females and put them in separate tanks. As a result of mating, you’ll get new colors of cherry shrimps.


3. Trade

It’s a nice option for your tank is overcrowded with shrimps, then you can sell them on multiple online forums or even near an aqua pet store.



You can stock 2 to 5 cherry shrimps per gallon. Even you can stock them in a one-gallon fish tank. But they are well-suited with a 10-gallon aquarium.

They multiply exponentially at a suitable temperature and pH i.e. 79. A 20-gallon fish tank is well-suited to have a fish colony. They also can live in a community fish tank, but you have to put them aside with peaceful aqua pets.

A sponge filter is the best option for only cherry shrimps, while a pre-sponge filter is the best for a community fish tank. You can relocate them, can get new colors, and even can trade with an overpopulated cherry shrimp tank.

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