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Hygger Aquarium Light-A Good Choice for Your Aquarium

Are you planning to buy a light for your aquarium or replace the old one? Is it necessary to buy an aquarium light? Do you know what to consider when choosing a light? Do you know how to make full use of the light?

If you know nothing about the aquarium light, do not worry, we’re here to help you solve all the problems above!

Hygger has provided some special offers for its customers, so keep reading and check whether the light you need is on sale!


Do you need a light in your aquarium?

Before we get to the point, let’s talk about is it necessary to buy a light.


1. Help observe the creatures

A brighter environment helps see things more clearly. With a light, you can easily observe some special behaviors of the creatures and notice anything abnormal.

Aquarium light helps observe the creatures

2. Bring out the colors of the creatures

With food containing pigment, aquarium lights can help bring out the colors of your lovely pets, which further makes a more ornamental aquarium.

Aquarium light brings out the colors

3. Mimic the natural environment

Most aquarium lights are designed to mimic the natural light source, such as the sunrise, sunset, and moonlight. This helps provide a more natural environment for your fish and make them feel at home.

Aquarium light mimics the natural environment

4. Help plants growth

Some fish come from brackish areas and don’t need light. But it doesn’t mean you don’t need to buy a light. To decorate your tank, generate oxygen and create a natural environment, you need to add some plants to it. And to prompt their growth and make them work better in your aquarium, you need to prepare a light.

Aquarium light helps plants growth

I think you’ve got the answer. If you have a tank with only fish that don’t need extra light, you can skip the light. Otherwise, it is necessary to equip a light for your aquarium. It will benefit both you and the creatures in your tank!


How to choose the right aquarium light?

1. Consider the price

Price is an important factor when we choose an aquarium light. People always want to buy high-quality and multifunctional products, but these products tend to be expensive.

However, hygger breaks the rule. It bends itself to create a cheaper light but also focuses on the quality and functions.

Taking the planted aquarium light as an example. With a budget of no more than $70, you can buy a great Advanced Full Spectrum LED Light from hygger. If you choose others, you’ll need to prepare at least $100 to get such a light. If you buy a light for less than $70, trust me, the quality won’t be as good as this one.

Hygger Aquarium Advanced Full Spectrum LED Light


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2. Check the PAR

PAR means photosynthetically active radiation. It is used to measure the energy that light produces that photosynthetic organisms can take in as food.

The more the organisms can take in, the better your aquarium light is. Some aquarists did a test on the PAR of lights from different brands. And they found Hygger Aquarium Advanced Full Spectrum LED Light does well than those more expansive ones, such as the Current USA.

But you should remember to dimmer the light or turn it off in case of excessive algae growth.


3. Choose the one you can customize

Most aquarium lights are made to have different modes and a timer. Different modes allow you to determine how the light work to meet your demands. And the timer makes sure you can give the fish and plants sufficient light without leading to an algae outbreak.

The standard-setting can only meet the demands of most occasions. But the lights from hygger, such as Hygger Auto On-Off LED Aquarium Light with Extendable Brackets, allow you to arrange the light yourself to meet some special needs. After setting a DIY mode, you can customize the colors, intensity and time period according to your actual needs.

DIY your aquarium light

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4. Check the functions

When choosing an aquarium light, you should select the multi-functional one, which can help save your time and energy. If you go to our official store, you’ll find all of the aquarium lights from hygger are multifunctional.

Just look at Hygger Full Spectrum White Blue Red LED Aquarium Light. It provides you with several modes and light colors to choose from. With an aluminum shell, it helps dissipate the heat to avoid overheating. It also offers different light brightness and time, which helps you better mimic the natural light sources.

Aluminum shell helps heat dissipation

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5. Look at the installation steps

When buying products that require installation, I hate those are cumbersome to install. But luckily, most aquarium lights are easy to install. And hygger aquarium lights are no exception.

The Hygger Aquarium Advanced Full Spectrum LED Light we mentioned above has two brackets. If you choose a light like it, you can install it with the brackets clipped on both sides of the tank. But if you want to buy something different, you can choose Hygger Clip-On 24/7 Aquarium Light. It has a clip-on bracket, which is for fixing the light on the tank.

Easy to install

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Useful tips about using a light

  • Offer 8-12 hours of light per day.
  • Turn off the light at night to avoid causing stress and algae outbreaks.
  • Set a timer to provide regular light.
  • Pay attention to the light that will raise the water temperature.


Customer review

Here are some reviews from our customers. You can see that hygger aquarium lights work well in their aquariums and do a great job!

Customer review

Customer review


Final words

Nowadays, more and more aquarium lights begin to flood into the market. It makes choosing the right aquarium light become a difficult task. But among various brands, hygger begin to win the market recently.

Hygger is an aquarium brand that started in 2008. With a history of 14 years, hygger is devoted to creating aquarium products with high quality and reasonable prices. You can find everything you need from hygger! So if you need one now, do not hesitate, go to our official authorized store ( and buy it.

To get more recommendations and information, please sign in to our website and subscribe to our email. We will inform you of some special offers by email from time to time. You can also leave your problem in our comment section, we will try our best to help you out.

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