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Can You Keep Dwarf Gouramis Together

Adding Dwarf Gouramis to your tank is an amazing idea. These small-sized fish gives an adorable look. So can you keep more than one  Dwarf Gouramis in your fish tank? The short answer is yes.

These Dwarf Gouramis are very social being nature and also pretend to be soft in front of big-sized fish. These fish are territorial-minded and can become very aggressive when the other male enters their area.If they are social then how they can be territorial-minded? Get confused?

Nothing to worry about, we are here to share with you the perfect answer about the Gouramis’ mate.


Can you keep Dwarf Gouramis together?

2 Dwarf Gouramis together

Well, it is upon how much we can add the number of fish. Although Dwarf Gouramis feel more secure in groups and like to be lived in the community, overcrowding is not good in the case of aquariums. It will create huge stress, which is dangerous for their health, and may bear many diseases in the tank.

Adult size Dwarf Gouramis can be a length of 8.8 centimeters (3.5 in) and need 10 gallons of water per head. Though they are territorial-minded, they sometimes attack other male fish of different species by just mistakenly believing them as other male gouramis.

Do keeping other Dwarf Gouramis in the same tank creates problems for them? Why do Dwarf Gouramis show so much aggression towards their species? Let’s light on these unanswered questions.


How many Dwarf Gouramis can we place in a tank?

These fish mostly enjoys the group and have no issue with territorial behavior in the large tank. In a short tank, they became more possessive towards the area.

Now, the number of Gouramis that should be together depends on 2 factors: whether you want to breed or just try to give them a companion by adding other Gouramis to the tank.


Adding other Gouramis to the tank

Dwarf Gouramis have no problem with the number of females. Male fish are happy if they get multiple females in their tank. They allow other females to enter their area.

They get aggressive and start attacking or chasing away if they found a male fish in their area. Their territorial behavior hits and starts defending themselves from other male fish.


For breeding process

For the breeding process, only your two pairs should be in that tank. You can make an appropriate temperature of 82.5-86°F and make the water calm (by decreasing the flow rate of water).

We can observe that both males and females show affection for each other and males started to build their nests so that the female can lay eggs over there. Now after mating, the female will be removed and the male starts caring for the eggs.


Can you place single Dwarf Gouramis in a tank?

The idea of keeping single Gouramis in a tank is a bad idea. These fish are timid and loves to live in groups or a community. These fish might get stresses because of loneliness. The bigger the group, the better they can feel.


The best tank mates for the Dwarf Gouramis

Gouramis can be aggressive if they mistakenly believe other fish as male Gouramis fish. To avoid this behavior, we should not add similar bright fish that have flashy fins.

The species like Goldfish, Angelfish, betta fish and other fish like guppies should not be added. This will reduce the chances of fighting.

The best tank mates for Gouramis are as follows:

  • Neon tetra
  • Mollies
  • Chili Rasboras
  • Zebra Danios
  • Cardinal Tetra
  • Harlequin Rasboras

Dwarf Gouramis and Neon Tetras

We can also add catfish like Corydoras Catfish, Otoclinus Catfish, and many other species. Well, it also depends on the size of your tank, your taste in the beautification of the tank, and the area they swim.

We all know Gouramis swim mostly in the upper region of the tank, so some bottom dwellers should be the best idea to add to your bucket list.

If your fish tank is small, you should choose other fish of small size like Neon Tetras (1.5 in or 4 cm) and Chili Rasboras (0.75 in or 2 cm). The bigger tank would open more options for adding fish.



Hope you learned some amazing facts about Dwarf Gouramis today. This valuable article is all about “Can You Keep Dwarf Gouramis Together”. Now you understand what should be the best for your little colorful friend and how to choose their companion.

You can also visit our website and collect more information about fish and fish products. If you have any unanswered questions or want suggestions for the products for your aquarium then please leave your message in the comment section.



1. Are Dwarf Gouramis schooling fish?

No, they aren’t. They love to swim in their own territorial spaces. Like the other schooling fish, they do not chase the shadow of fish or move together.


2. Are Dwarf Gouramis social animals?

Yes, they are very social and like to live in groups. Although it’s tough to find their pairs once they get, they defend their territory for mating without getting disturbances by other fish.


3. Will Dwarf Gouramis eat small fish?

Yes, Dwarf Gouramis are omnivores, and they fed on both algae as well as meaty food. But they only eat fish that can easily fit in their mouths. They are having predatory nature and also attack similar-sized fish if they are sick or dry.

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